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Aikido of Minnesota is committed to your privacy. Aikido of Minnesota will never lend, sell, lease or otherwise convey or disseminate your name, company name, personal information, professional information or other data about you to any third party for any reason whatsoever.

Aikido of Minnesota will not collect information about your company for any purpose other than to market its services or offerings to you, and to enhance its ability to serve you as a member or potential member. This information will remain in the strictest confidence and will remain secure.

Additionally, only information about transactions made between you, your company, and Aikido of Minnesota or its affiliates will be maintained in Aikido of Minnesota’s database, and no other information shall be maintained within Aikido of Minnesota’s records, other than as may be required to properly provide services to you.

Aikido of Minnesota believes in your personal and professional privacy, as well as the privacy of intellectual property rights, the confidentiality of business operations, and the privacy of financial or credit information, and in no way will this information be shared with any party, at any time, for any reason.

We (Aikido of Minnesota) appreciate your patronage, and we want to make certain you feel confident you are transacting business with an entity that respects your rights to individuality and privacy.


By utilizing this site, you agree to the terms of use as stipulated herein. You are authorized to make use of this site for the purpose of information and/or to preview offerings provided by Aikido of Minnesota, or to otherwise peruse information provided for your benefit.

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Aikido of Minnesota warrants the information on this site to be true and correct to the best of its knowledge, and you agree to accept said warranty as being issued in good faith.

In cases where there may be a misspelling, misprint, incorrect caption or other accidental misstatement, you agree to indemnify Aikido of Minnesota, assigns or other representatives against any damages incurred as a result of same, to disregard litigious action for claims, and to recognize this site is provided as a marketing convenience only.

No warranty is provided by Aikido of Minnesota as to the quality of third-party vendors, as may be utilized by users of this site, clients / customers, or private individuals for services provided by said third-party vendors. Aikido of Minnesota will indemnify third-party vendors in such cases where services provided by same are utilized for the enhancement of services provided by Aikido of Minnesota to its clients.

Members represented on this site are members of Aikido of Minnesota, where stated in galleries, portfolios or other displays, and Aikido of Minnesota offers no warranty or indemnity regarding the use of said sites or the information disseminated therein.

Claims, statements, or other information provided on websites, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, broadcast commercials, voice-overs, television productions, streaming media – either audio or video – in magazine or other periodical advertisements, is strictly under the aegis or control of those members or associates for whom Aikido of Minnesota has been affiliated with. The claims made therein are the responsibility of said affiliates and not Aikido of Minnesota.